Thursday, November 10, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

The Temple is the House of the Lord.  I am so grateful for the temples that we have on the earth today.  I am so blessed to live so close to both the Salt Lake Temple and the Bountiful Temple and I am so grateful for the blessings that we receive therein.  This quote is from the April 1993 General Conference and is from President Gordon B Hinckley talking about the anniversary of the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple.

"Now let me return to April 6, 1893. A terrible storm arose that day. Rain fell in torrents, and the wind blew with savage fury. It was as if the forces of evil were lashing out in violent protest against this act of consecration.
But all was peace and quiet within the thick granite walls. The aged prophet, then eighty-six, led the way to the beautiful fifth-floor assembly room. The room was filled to capacity in this, the first of forty-one sessions. After appropriate preliminary expressions in music and speech, President Woodruff stepped to the pulpit at the east end of the room and offered the prayer of dedication.
It was a moving and powerful prayer. It was an expression of the hearts of those who love the Lord.
It was followed by a wondrous voicing of the Hosanna Shout by all assembled. The choir then burst forth with Evan Stephens’s setting of those same words of praise to the Almighty: “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb!”
Then the congregation joined in singing, “The Spirit of God like a Fire is burning,” which had first been sung at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple."

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