Friday, June 3, 2011

Child of God

I am a child of God.  A song I sang in Primary and have sung countless times.  I never really gave it much thought until the last few years.  Think about what a powerful statement that is; a child of God.  This is the same God that created the Earth and all the other planets.  The same God who blesses my life every single day.  So, as a child of God, there is nothing good in this world that I cannot accomplish.  He blesses us with so many talents that we can't help but succeed with Him as our teacher.  I think too often we are afraid to try because we are afraid to fail.  Guess what, that is part of the learning process.  A little over 3 years ago, I picked up a camera and decided to take pictures.  I have tried to learn as much as I can about how the camera works.  Then I practice.  Not every shot comes out the way I would like it to.  A lot of my earlier work is terrible but I learned from it.  I hope to continue to get better at it.  I hope to share my testimony of our Savior's gospel through my photographs.  The world is such a beautiful place and God's hand can be seen in all of it.  He wants us to be happy like any parent does for their children.  He wants us to succeed.  He wants us to grow.  He wants us to love one another.  Now, if all of us could remember that we are a child of God and to love one another, just imagine how great a world we could have.  It is right there waiting for us to take advantage of it.  Let us shake off our fears, try new things, help others, and make this world a better place.  Remember, we are a child of God and with that comes great power.  I think President Gordon B Hinckley said it best,

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do great and good things. Believe that no mountain is so high that you cannot climb it. Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it. You are not destined to be a scrub. You are a child of God, of infinite capacity.

Believe that you can do it whatever it is that you set your heart on. Opportunities will unfold and open before you. The skies will clear when they have been dark with portent...He who is our Eternal Father has blessed you with miraculous powers of mind and body. He never intended that you should be less than the crowning glory of His creations."

This is a photo that I took Wednesday evening when I was downtown.  I love the reflecting pool in front of the temple.


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